Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I'm horrijible!

I have done oh-so-horrible things! I must confess..

This afternoon, I had three or four teaspoonfuls of extra crunchy peanut butter straight from the bottle.

Once, I brought a bottle of Nutella to the office and ate at least one big tablespoon each afternoon. Nop, no bread too.

I had even had Milo powder on its own before *ashamed*

What else..

At a chalet, I ate 90% of a square pack of Chips Ahoy. I didn't leave 10% uneaten; others ate them.

In my first year in Oxford, I finished up a long - at least 30 cm - tube of digestive biscuits. Chocolate coated on one side. In one afternoon.

And when 10s of digestive biscuits didn't do harm to me, one litre of orange juice in one afternoon brought me a sore throat.

I used to have a pint of Haagen-Dazs at every movie that year. I don't remember how I kicked the habit. Probably cos I got fat.

And while I was staying in college, there was one day I decided to have four or six slices of toast for breakfast instead of my usual two or four. And I had them with hot food, or worse, loads of butter generously sprinkled with sugar.

There was a year in my MSc year when I felt stressed and restless. I decided to bake but after melting the chocolate found that I did not have enough butter. So I topped it up with vegetable oil. When the cake was done, I cut out a whole quarter, and gave it to my Irish flatmate. I finished the remaining that afternoon.

That same year, I bought a carrot cake from Sainsbury's - the larger one - and finished it in a day.

Back to more recent times, while I was in Sg without Sito, I finished 90% of a pack of cashew nuts in one day. I saved 10% for another day - the next day.

There, my horrible food deeds as far as memory takes me. Confessed!

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  1. I was going to remind you publicly the carrot cake from Sains which you whacked! Luckily you had the sense of decency to confess it ;p


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