Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sito cooks dinner

So yesterday, after a big lunch at Sun Wah, followed by bubble tea, we remained full for the longest time. It was almost 8 pm when we headed for the gym – I walked while he ran, and he did some weights while I continued to walk*.

* I have resolved to walk regularly since I’m not the running type, to supplement pilates.

And now, I got a little hungry. And he could eat :)

Menu? Instant noodles, instant soup, complete with sesame ball for dessert.

That’s my husband opening a new pack of instant noodles.

Here are the ingredients and equipment:

To make the instant noodles sexier, he pan-fried some hotdogs, and flashed me his super cute, albeit silly, smile :)

* Photo is edited to hide flaws :p

And now, two frozen wantans are in the pot with the water:

Stirring in the won bok.. Notice the ball of plain noodles in the top left corner – it supplemented the small packages of instant noodles :p

Sito checked on the soup as the noodles cooked...

... seconds before he instructed me to pour the seasonings out on the dishes – some powder, dark sauce and OIL! He suggested substituting my oil with some sesame oil instead. This is his:

And now, all there was to do was to stir the noodles with the seasonings! Done!

We watched The Mentalist during our lovely late dinner. And after washing up, we enjoyed our sesame balls with oooh, red bean paste filling!

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