Friday, 18 February 2011

Valentine's Day

Sito sent flowers to my office every year. Until we got married. Hoho! Last year, I think he handed me the tulips personally on 12 Feb after work - I don't remember much except for the photo taken at what I think is AMK Hub! This year, well, we're a poor student and his poor wife! :p

But it was still fun. On Sunday, I spent the whole afternoon baking some 200 chocolate chip cookies. Sito suggested making a donut cookie so that was what I did with the last bit of cookie dough.. Heart-shaped donut!

We'll look at the result later...

On Monday itself, I went to a friend's surprise birthday party in the afternoon while he had a meeting so we didn't see each other until evening. By then I had distributed about 80%-90% of the cookies - happy :)

By 6 pm, we were out of the house - off to our romantic dinner at.....

*drum rolls*

Five Guys!


Our starters - I haven't had ground nuts for a while! And these are nicely roasted :)

And I realised with a lot of guilt that I forgot to wear my rings! =( But the guilt disappeared when I saw that Sito forgot his too. That made us unmarried for the dinner - call us lovers :p

Sito looks so cute and happy with his food and me in front of him!!

My cheeseburger - two patties! Sito's was similar but with bacon, no less...

We were so full we walked around town for a while before heading home. It wasn't too cold so we managed to hold hands on the streets *shy*

It wasn't until 10 pm that our bellies felt empty enough to have dessert:

That was our "donut" - the dough had spread during the bake and filled the hole *.* But it was fun :) I also made a little M&M icecream sundae.

And we're done. No fancy dinner, no fancy dress. Just the two of us :)

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  1. So sweet! And I loved the part about the donut filling in. So funny!


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