Monday, 30 May 2011

Rooolling my eyes at work

For the umpteenth time, I rolled my eyes at the screen of my work laptop this morning.

No reply. Again.

The number of times I did that is probably higher in the past eight months than in the six years of working before that.

I used to think things could move quickly with me working in a different time zone. You know, like this:

I ask for something on day one
--> HQ gives me what I want while I sleep
--> I get it by day two and finish up the work
--> happy :)

I was so wrong. It's more like:

I ask for something on day one
--> I don't get it by day two
--> I wait for HQ to give me the next day
--> I don't get it by day three
--> chase HQ
--> if I'm lucky, I get it by day four; otherwise, chase again
--> frustration! :(

Why?? Especially when things I ask for are usually simple, just that I have no access or no idea, being not in HQ!

The worst is not when I ask for something. It's when I propose something. One idea that was to be implemented had a two-month gap between my last reminder email and the reply, partly because I had grown sick of chasing people.

Anyway, I'm glad that I'm leaving.

But through this whole thing, I also learn to be really grateful for the angels in my life.

The friend and colleague I mentioned in my previous post is one. Despite being no longer in charge of HR, she stood up for me against the new HR. Two weeks later, I got a Facebook message from my old boss asking if I had resigned. Apparently, another friend and colleague was upset when she learnt of my application for no-pay leave and went to find him and mistakenly said I resigned. She later emailed me that she was mad that my office did not look after me. After I clarified with my old boss, he asked me if I would be interested in doing some research work for him instead. But I declined as he would be taking a sabbatical from July and I didn't want his successor to "inherit" me.

Aren't these wonderful people? :)

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