Saturday, 21 May 2011

2 am and awake

Headache on Wednesday night blossomed into fever on Thursday. But after a day of sleeping, I was well enough to go hang out with the girls that night for curry and cupcakes! Strange combi but both were yummy :) And we had fun as usual :) Many of us will be here in Evanston over the summer so we'll hang out more :)

This afternoon, SS came over with baby M and we made brownies. Her husband and Sito joined in for dinner and we chatted so much! Such a nice couple but they're going back to Sg already, sighs...

And baby M was so cute! I got to carry her - love her baby smell :) She didn't want to sit on my legs; she wanted to stand! She would smile when I lifted her into a standing position. A new milestone in her development - strengthening her leg muscles?

The party dispersed when YL called - we were late in meeting YL and friends in town! So we cabbed down $35 and cabbed back $40 - how do I insert a dollar sign with wings.....?! At least we had a good chat, good to catch up...

And so I got to the subject title... I'm just waiting for the last bit of hair to dry off completely before sleeping. We're heading for the outlets tomorrow!! ... TODAY!!!

Now the main purpose of this shopping trip is to get shirts and a winter coat for Sito. I shall (try to?) refrain...

Update 11.37 pm (and awake)

The damage was done...

Sito: Four shirts, three ties, one sweater vest (cos I burnt his argyle vest!!), one polo shirt
mf: Two bags, two pairs of shoes and a can of water-resistant spray

And snippets at Brooks Brothers:

Sito: Should get slim fit. And non-iron.
mf: Yes, non-iron is good. I would like non-iron very much.
Sales guy: Haha!

Sito: Use my card?
mf: Ok... *pause* Does it make a difference? *.*

I got confused with all the outlets - this one doesn't carry the puffy winter gear. We'll have to go shopping elsewhere. Again :)

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