Saturday, 28 May 2011

To-do list

I was in the shower when I realised that if I continued to let my mind stay idle, Alzheimer's would find its way in some day!

Or maybe I'm just a hypochondriac! Or cyberchondriac..

So it happened that there was an unfortunate Monday when the lecture proved too boring for me. To keep myself awake, I started scribbling what I would like to do in July - July! No more work! No more thinking about work!

There are so many things I want to do..
  1. Write out family history for Sito and Grams
  2. Tidy up notes from my Kellogg classes
  3. Learn Spanish
  4. Improve Japanese
  5. Clean and tidy the apartment more regularly
  6. Learn to cook better - join the JVs for the weekly cooking class
  7. Exercise regularly
  8. Think about religion
  9. Find a Montessori centre to request to observe
  10. Start a little online business
  11. Learn how to grow our money
  12. Read more news
  13. Go to the library
  14. Hang out more with friends
  15. Watch more dramas :p
  16. Continue to blog! Especially about Oxford..
So there! A good mix of fun and learning to keep body and mind active and happy. And that should keep me really busy too! Happy :)

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