Sunday, 15 May 2011

A very happening and fun week

I was so tired that I took a four-hour nap this afternoon! Only woke up when I had to go to the supermarket. For ice cream - discount ends today! :p

Had more classes this week due to make-up lessons for Memorial Day. And then there were so many exciting activities keeping us busy!


We had a salsa night at McManus on Wednesday - both the food and the dance. People were making pico de gallo and guacamole. I didn't - lazy :p But I went around tasting the different bowls! And they got a guy to teach salsa. Sito and I just danced our own thing whenever there was music. So much fun :)

Howl at the moooon!

After weeks of rehearsing, Kelloggarhythms finally put up a concert with The Bottom Line, aka the boys, on Thursday at Prairie Moon! Some of us wished we were singing happier songs like the boys, and songs with more lyrics than just "wa na na ba dim" *.*

I was soprano 2 for "Time After Time", "Black Velvet" and "Closer to Fine". Did the soprano part for "Don't Stop Believin'" - sounded almost just like the Glee version. But for "Kellogg Love Story", a spoof of "Somebody to Love", I did the alto part - that was difficult! But considering the amount of time I had for joining the group late, I think I did not bad :p

Some of the girls after the performance - J, LCS, L and mf!

Chinese and Korean TG!

I didn't volunteer  as I was busy for the acapella. But Sito went for the fashion show and showed up in this!

The Koreans turned up in full force as well. So here, we have a mistress (!), a traditional bride, mf in normal clothes, a royal and a very traditional bride.

There were some snacks - actually a lot of snacks - so we brought some home. Happy!

Farewell party

X organised a farewell party at his place for the 1Y students who would graduate this June. We went late cos I was baking cookies :p Brought some cookies for the party.

Somehow, we started playing silly games like using lap dancing as a forfeit! That made me feel really old - the last time I did crazy things under the effect of alcohol was probably at my 25th birthday...

Baby thank you party!

So I met SL through an online forum back in January/February. Then we realised that her husband was a senior in Oxford! And Sito was also introduced to him last year by his friend! Very small world. Or very small world of overseas Singaporeans?

Brought some cookies with us when we went for lunch at their new place on Saturday, C-town. Baby S has grown quite a bit! With chubby cheeks that were best described as succulent :p And we loved the way she hung on to the clothes of this girl who was carrying her, like a koala bear - so super cute :))))

Japan Night!

Rushed back to Evanston and went to Jacobs to prepare for Japan Night. Sito danced in the finale while I manned the Wii booth. Weeheeee!

My $20 ticket

My bento! Cold but still, it's authentic Japanese food :)

They also served yakisoba - more like yaki ramen... Sito ate four plates! This was number 1 which I brought him as he was helping out at registration. So cute right? :)

But he worked it off (somewhat) by dancing on the Wii! This is the dance-off with V! I cheered for my very handsome hubby!

After my Wii shift ended, we somehow ended up at the cosplay booth, and I dressed up as a french maid - on Sito's request!!!

And Sito dressed up as a Power Ranger! So, which is Sito? *hint: Sito has a Very nice body shape!*

Oh, the villian appeared!

The one in the yellow suit!

I did the Power Ranger later too! C, M and mf in that order :) (Had to hide the right hand which didn't have a glove!)

Source: From C

Then Sito did his finale dance :)

And we must have some sake to replenish... No la, we just posed :p Drank a little sake much earlier..

I happened to walk by and they did this.. Apparently, they just fished out cans of Kirin beer from the ice tub so their hands were cold! We took a can home :p

The organising crew and the volunteers!

After most people left, some of us stayed on around the Wii and continued playing! I lost horribly to K, D and Sito!! =(

Ok, I think that was it. Sito has been in the gym for a while. When he comes back, we'll try the new flavour ice cream we got today :) And then, off to bed to rest for the new week!

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