Monday, 23 May 2011

Let's stop whining together - 1, 2, 3, zip!

I'm ill.

Fever --> runny nose --> runny nose + cough = whines :(

And I was watching this particular episode of Desperate Housewives (yes, oops...) and realised that I must have been quite the ill and whiny bitch in the house with my tolerant husband tending to my every need.


I just asked. He said I am not whiny :)

Still, I am ill. And he is tucking me in at night and making me drink a lot of water :)

Bliss :)

Anyway, back to the topic.. I really don't like whines. I know sometimes I can't help whining and/or I don't know I'm doing it. But I like to think that I check myself enough. That's pretty fortunate for Sito and my friends.

But unfortunately for me, those closest to me tend to whine a lot. Yes, that's you, you and you! You know who you are so let me not name and shame :p Except my husband cos he's my husband hoho!

And because they're close to me, I cannot not hear their whines. And when I hear whines, I must give solutions - I cannot listen to problems and not give solutions! I mean, I didn't do so much maths for nothing!!

Whines --> solutions --> no whine = happiness! :)

But it seems that when people whine, they're not asking for solutions.

Listening ear then? Sure, but because I'm not this black hole that can swallow whines without imploding, I feel so frustrated too!

So forgive me, my dears, for always peddling solutions to you.. I believe that there is a solution to everything. Even "no solution" is a solution - in maths and in life. We should always aim for the ultimate goal - happiness :)

Ok, I said that I would check myself. Enough of whining on my part here, I'm going to sleep off this nasty bout of cough and cold..

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