Thursday, 26 May 2011

Growing up

I was thinking about this when I was pregnant and couldn't go back to Sg for CY's and Na's respective weddings in the second half of this year. (Now I'm still not going back because we're going to try again (:p) and because money and shelter are an issue.)

CY and I used to say we would be bridesmaids for each other. But promises made in great earnest as a child may not be easily fulfilled as an adult.

And this evening, I watched Bridesmaids with the girls. When the bride told her maid of honour that they wouldn't be staying 5 min apart anymore, I was sad. I thought of CY, of how we used to stay 5 min away from each other - in 20 years, she moved twice but only from behind me to in front of me to next to me across the road. Then I moved away. And now she moved away too. I went southwest and she went north - we're further apart than ever!

This train of thought went further when I had some time after the movie. I thought of all my close friends - many would set up our own little families and probably move further and/or have less time to get together, and was sad again.

But that also puts things into some perspective. So circumstances may make us miss significant milestones in our friends' lives. But it's more important that we don't let any circumstance make us miss our friends' lives altogether. Ne? :)

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