Sunday, 22 May 2011


I call my plush sheep Meh, my plush eeyore Eeyore, and our plush elephant Zo-san ("zo" means "elephant" in Japanese).

In the same creative vein, I also have LV, Coach and Prada. When we went shopping yesterday, I added Coach II and Kate (Spade) and a water-resistant spray from Aldo that I intend to try on Prada. Don't worry, I'll test before spraying the entire bag - it already has some spots from getting in the rain =(

Actually, I wasn't thinking of buying anything more than a pair of sneakers at this shopping trip that was meant for Sito to stock up.

But we thought we should go have a look and I ended up getting an idea of carrying a small bag on flights for essentials when looking through the Coach selections, and falling in costly love at first sight (again) while in Kate Spade.....


Well... Can a woman ever have enough bags? Or shoes? Or jewellery? Or food?

I think I won't need any more jewellery for life once I get to my stash in Singapore! But I figure I can't have enough of bags and shoes. I can justify shoes - after all, they wear out. But bags, it's more of a want than a need.. With the new additions, I think I will have to stop buying bags until 2013 or even later. Let's see if that happens...

Anyway, on the train back last night, I was looking at my wallet and saying that it was serving me well for some five or six years. Then Sito spotted fraying threads =(

I do have another wallet should this one die on me.. Otherwise, a wallet is not a bag..?

It seems apt to end this with a quote from a card in Kate:

occasionally she dreams of italy. she dreams of cheese shops, persnickety fiats, and very fine leather goods.


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