Thursday, 14 April 2005

mf falls in (costly) love

Went shopping at the Stanford Shopping Centre. Bought a pair of blue flipflops/beach sandals, feet didn't look good in the pink one. Very cute, I can stick the soles together so it's easy to bring around on vacation etc. Ahhh, the promise of further vacations :)

Then I met The One..

She was just hanging there, pretty and sweet. Took it out into the light and.. I want her! But woah! It's $139 sans 8.25% tax! So I did what I would usually do: take the smallest size - if I go in, I'll likely take it!

Darn, smallest was 38, I could picture her in my wardrobe already as I walked to the fitting room..

*2min later*

That's mf in the mirror, wearing the sweetest skirt ever :)

Was thinking of when I could wear her..
(Sounds weird, use "it" from now :p)

But problem: what could I team it with?
1) That white spag I bought a year ago but never wore?
2) Sweet pink top from Tokyo?
3) Casualise it with my white racer back?
4) How about the green hand-painted T?

Gaar! I have the bag and shoes for it, top should not be a big problem..?

The smell of plastic burning..

Enough said.

Oh, I'll put up a picture here one day, with me in it :)

It was almost time to meet Huimin for dinner and I doubt I should spend anymore so I strolled to the bus stop with my conquests, only to see buses going both directions leaving their respective stops.. Ok I shall walk, should take, what, 30min?

I took 45min cos, yeh, hollanded again, urgh! Well, strictly speaking, I wasn't lost, I could still find myself on the map; just a case of wrong orientation :p

Went to this Korea House at Santa Clara for dinner. It was crazy, we ordered two dishes and they dumped supposedly standard FIFTEEN freaking sides dishes on the table!

Note: the two mains were not even there yet.. Nor was the rice!

Source: mf

So no cheesecake for dessert..

Spent some time talking with Huimin in her much-nicer-than-YX's room :p About life, work, JC, Oxford. Got back only an hour ago. Good to see her again, she's so cute (unlike my sister who is her age too, baaah!) Missed those last summer days at Temple Street when only so few of us were left.. Can't believe that was almost two years back already.. And we're all getting old; we could not remember what the exams in nought week were called! An msn exchange with her bf informed us that the word was "collections", ahhh...

PS: I realised it's possible that pictures may not show up here cos Geocities says I exceed transfer quota or something, how unfortunate but there's no problem with my links ok, my html not that jia lat..

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