Saturday, 16 April 2005

mf's first lesson

The teacher
Source: mf

The student

Source: mf

Hee hee :)

YX rented a car for the weekend. We were already parked at his place after a trip to the shopping centre when we were talking about driving etc and we decided to go to a ulu carpark to let me try.

So I did!

Pretty nervous and anxious before I took to the wheel. But when I positioned myself in the driver seat, it felt much less unnerving for some unknown reason. It's just like breaking out in cold sweat just before the stage lights shine on me and immediately regaining composure when I start singing. Or being totally frozen with apprehension outside that interview room but appearing confident on the other side of the door. Yes, that kind of feeling.. But I digress.

So it was that I found the car a much less daunting toy than I thought it was/might be. Made 3,000 turns around the carpark, tried signalling, tried braking, tried accelerating. But I never went beyond 20mph :p At times when I steered too far left or right or made some mistake, I got gan cheong and that's when you would see me look a bit scared *.* Else, YX said I've been a pretty decent student :)

Been thinking about getting that licence lately but I wasn't sure if I actually dared to step on the accelerator at all. Now I feel rather tempted to sign up with SSDCL. Just wondering how many people will dare to sit in my car..? :p


  1. Way to go! I felt pretty daunted too before my first lesson but it turned out better than expected. I've since stopped my driving lessons cos of various reasons but I hope to pick up again and take the test around the end of the year.

    I'll be your passenger if you'll be mine ;)

  2. I wonder whether that is automatic or manual?

  3. Yeah sure drive around without a license... 要死啊! I won't let you drive my future ピンク car yet!!! Now can let still let you try my Altis, but only after you start practical lessons. Afterall, insurance doesn't cover you... 危ないですよ... Na

  4. You can always sign up for automatic lessons in singapore's driving centre.. Think there should not be a problem in passing the test at one go.. Else give yourself a challenge.. Take the manual test.. If only, I had the choice back then.. SZ


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