Thursday, 14 April 2005

The rape of Joyce's husband

I'm procrastinating to blog further on my trip - afterall, I'm still on the road! Yeh, excuses.. I guess it's often so, that before you take a long break from work, too many things happen in and out of work and you get so busy you have no time to do other things. Such as blogging :p So, the days preceding Tokyo!

Actually that Mon before I left for Japan, I was feeling rather dazed. Morning was spent clearing emails from the Good Fri weekend. Yes, it took the whole freaking morning but I was glad for it cos the replies mostly required "simple reactions", not much thinking required. Mind wasn't working too well.. I was even happier in the afternoon when Siok needed hands to help assemble the Ikea chairs for the new meeting room. Mechanical work relieved me of thinking. Joyce and Siok were the perfect company to dispel unhappy thoughts :)

Background: the chairs consisted of four metal pieces. It required two long screws and two shorter screws to connect three big pieces, and two tiny screws to connect the fourth piece to the other three. Then the plastic seat could be clicked onto the metal thing.

Mental picture set? Ok, here go some bites..

1) Three girls were screwing the metal parts and fixing some nuts on the screws. Flying comments about Jason who got the "Best Screwer" award when he fixed the (Ikea - have a thing for them, don't know why) stools in the pantry.

2) We soon found that it's easier to connect the three bigger pieces with the two long and two short screws before screwing on the tiny pieces.
mf: Let's do the four things first then we screw the others.
They looked at each other and laughed.. I really didn't mean that!!

3) We realised we were short of the long screws.
Joyce: Oh the better ones are no more! *Evil smile*
mf: We've been screwed; they've short-changed us! *Blink blink* (ok, fake blink blink)

The screwing session ~.~ was followed by a meeting that required "complex reactions". My grey matter responded minimally. When we ended at 630pm, I decided that I might go mad if I didn't go to the gym. So I went and worked out real hard. Endorphins didn't set in immediately. How unfortunate. I fell asleep on Eeyore later and dreamt that I went to KBox with Yan, CY, Ker and Yan's two friends who were a couple. The girl looked like some Chinese star and the guy's the splitting image of a MSc classmate Avinash! Weird that I had a stranger and someone I haven't seen in two years - not even in contact - in a dream on Eeyore..

Tues morning I was feeling somewhat better when I woke, having drafted a difficult sms the previous night before I slept. Then, morning events brought much needed cheer and relief, despite me getting a bit overwhelmed. Turned out I wouldn't need the sms anymore and things were starting to look bright.. No more moping!

Getting back to office, we were talking about christianing the new meeting room. Names had been tossed about and Siok et al were talking about the names mentioning "Kenny".

"What Kenny?"

Room's theme had been chosen to be orange and black. Isn't that Kenny from South Park? :)

Then they started to talk about the cartoon and Kenny was always killed at the end. Siok introduced them to the
Kill Kenny game and everyone was animated and talking about Kenny blah blah kill Kenny blah.. Then I had a problem with Lotus after IT did a patch on it and I turned around to see if the guy was still around.. And then I realised: he's called Kenny! And he was still in my office, yes. Man, it must be damn weird to have everyone saying they wanted to kill you..

Yet another day in the office pantry - yes yes, we're coming to the title of this entry, be patient - where we were chatting over/post lunch. FK, Siok, Joyce, LC and me, all girls. Somehow we were wondering if guys could have sex if they were very tired?? FK popped her head out to ask Jason who was seated just outside the pantry. Think he replied something like: don't disturb me from communicating with my God, you *whatever* (can't remember what this was) girls! So it's our own discussion with zero views from the other side.

Someone threw a question to LC, who just got married, if they did it after their wedding dinner, cos wedding dinner very tiring etc. Turned out hers was a wedding lunch so, heh heh.. Then, ok here goes, Joyce said she would rape her husband on their wedding night, tired also don't care, waited too long already!! Gaaar! Don't have to be so guai and wait until wedding night, right..? :p Was just telling Miki the other day that in one episode of S&TC, Samantha said that getting a husband is like getting a car - you need a test drive!

I should go out already, can't be this lazy on such a sunny day :)

PS: forgot to mention in previous post that you can check out my photos page (link on left) for all my photos from Japan :)

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  1. I've heard from married couples that such things depend heavily on guys. If they're tired, it's useless even if the women attempt a rape...heh..go figure.


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