Tuesday, 26 April 2005

First attempt at financial control

I found a way to save hundreds of bucks: blow-dry my hair

Serious! For the longest time, I couldn't be bothered with the hair-dryer esp when I got back late. Mother also complained about the noise from my powerful dryer - couldn't hear TV, couldn't sleep.

But that night when I got back from trip, I decided to blow-dry my hair cos I didn't want her to nag at me on my first night back for sleeping with wet hair.. (See, I dry hair, she complains; I don't dry hair, she complains too! Kill me..)

Anyway, the result was that I woke with beautiful obedient hair the next morning, like it's newly rebonded! I've tested it for a few days now, so I'm very convinced :) My comb's exile will be infinitely extended..

So no more myths about blow-drying drying out precious hair - as long as you follow these rules:
1) keep a nice distance between hair and nozzle
2) 90% dry will do
3) end with a blast of cold air
4) some leave-on conditioner will help coarser hair

Now I can lengthen duration between salon trips, ie save money! :)

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