Tuesday, 26 April 2005

Rough thoughts, inspired by work

Was working, scribbling some thoughts for a discussion later (it's almost 6pm now) on, well, something. Then related thoughts squeezed themselves into my wee brain.

What is special about SG that will make people flock here for leisure, or to stick around for the rest of their lives (or at least for some decades before retiring cheaply elsewhere)?

*mf thinks a bit*

Nothing much, really.

I think, if I were a visitor from a developed country, I need not feel like a tourist in SG; most things that can be found back home can be found here. From LV to Zara, from Starbucks to KFC. We may not have Macy's or Cheesecake Factory (oh my god, that was yummy!) but we hit back with This Fashion (forget Takashimaya, it's not ours) and S11 kopitiams. Simply put, we are just like any other modern city, top and bottom ends, 21st century and older stuff, all available within easy access of each other.

But I felt so much like a tourist in Japan even though I could roughly blend in based on just my Asian appearance. The difference is in the clothes we wear, the hairstyle we sport, and perhaps even the way we handle our rubbish..?

There seems to be this subtle, nameless difference in the air or what, that makes places like Japan and London stand out uniquely. What have we, Orchard Rd? Just like another British high street. Chinatown? The Chinatowns in American cities fare way better.

Perhaps our food or spoken languages then. Ok, granted HBD flats with bamboo poles heavy with wet clothing hanging out may be quite a sight.. But are these sufficient for us to get enough immigrants to grow our population?? (Yes, pls recall
Budget Speech 2004 para 3.36) Any ideas, peeps?

Maybe more on this in future, if I feel like it, when my eyes are not popping out from a whole day of reading. I'm just feeling sian that SG seems so unexciting! *Grumbles grumbles*

Didn't manage to click on publish before discussion, it's now 730pm, time to say ciao!

Ok, last point: I think what we lack is vibrancy, not the kind of economic vibrancy brought about by new casinos but the kind of cultural vibes that may accompany the casino complex. Complexes.

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  1. what is special abt sg? hmm, safety, cleanliness, efficiency, weather (some ppl find the amt of sunshine we get welcome, but gimme cloudy skies anyday), relatively corruption-free, relatively friendly, and it's got me! :p


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