Wednesday, 13 April 2005

So far

It's 450pm SF time now. Just back from a late lunch of enchiladas and banana berry smoothie from campus. Took a 40min slow walk to get back to YX's place, could be faster but I hollanded at one point :p

Anyway, this is my third day in Stanford, haven't seen SF city cos I've been lazy!

Arrived late morning on Sun, which also happened to be the annual Stanford Community Day so there was some carnival going on and the
mausoleum was open to the public only on this day. Lucky for me, so I took a look, a look that lasted about five seconds. The Oval was more interesting, with the Burghers of Calais by Rodin. Weather was beautiful, sunny, though wind-chill was eating my bones through my skin.

I was very sleepy; jetlag was trying to shut me down every other minute. But when it was finally bedtime, I couldn't sleep until 11pm. Woke at noon the next day :p

My ulcer was killing me by then so I spent Mon moping in my pyjamas. Yes the whole of Mon, moping. I first put something into my mouth at 11pm. Nice something it was: 3/4 pint of Godiva raspberry chocolate truffle icecream :) Sinful but how it helped numb the pain!!

Spent some time watching
Top Gear and looking at YX's and my photos before I started to write on my Tokyo trip (next post I guess) and he went off to watch his lecture video. It was 4plus before the lights went out but no we didn't sleep; started taking instead.

It has been almost two years since we met. Last it was a summer night in Oxford, which ended "The Adventures of My Key". Key travelled with me to Germany and with WX to Prague where YX was doing some summer programme before making its way back to Oxford under YX's protection. I came back from Geneva to find YX (and Key of course). I remember we had a good chat that night, then he left the very next morning.

Last night, we had another late night chat. Our respective "stories", and a general discussion on religion - interesting stuff which might merit a post on its own one day so kiv. Talking with him has always been spiritually satisfying. Not religiously spiritual, you know, it's like.. an understanding..? So is it with Kel and some others but these two in particular. Don't ask me why.

So it was that we drifted off to sleep only when the birds started to sing. It was 1230pm before we knew it. Four hours later, here I am at the comp again, doing what I would love to do in SG minus my mobile, minus the heat and humidity, minus the TV sounds, minus a lot of noise. It's just serenity here. That's why I went away, to seek peace, to try to find answers, to be free.

Speaking of my mobile, I turned it on at the airport on arrival. Ten days away from SG and I had ONE pathetic message, discounting the welcome message from Cingular. See, I'm not too popular hur? Or does everyone know I'm away? Hope it's the latter :)

Check back for Tokyo photos in a while. Promise to be quick..


  1. feeling exciting for fun!!

  2. Welcome back! Where's my omiyage?

  3. We know you were away. Wait till you get back, we'll fill up your phone memory real quick :p Cool to read about your trip, thanks for making the effort to write so much. Seeya soon!


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