Sunday, 17 April 2005

Randoms, cos I'm waiting for laundry now

Been reading Na's blog, finally updated.. For the benefit of those who do not have access to her blog, she said something funny like, when we were at the ryokan bath, she would subconsciously avert her eyes from my bikini area and focus on my face instead.. Mmm, actually I don't care if you see my never-been-tanned whites, BUT NOT MY TUMMY PLS! :p

Had a very very nice wine party last night with YX and friends. The living room lights were put out but scented candles were lit, complete with nice jazz and some reds and a white. Oh and the brownies I made yesterday morning of course, heated up in the microwave.

At first felt a bit strange cos I didn't know some of them, and those I knew, not very well. So I was in his room chatting with Na and CW online for some time before I told myself I should not be anti-social and tore myself away from the comp. Turned out that I thoroughly enjoyed it actually, friendly people with nice ambience :) Daniel and Audrina also demo swing, looked fun!

Ended up sleeping only at 4am or around. And hey I was feeling sleeping! Meaning I should be getting adjusted to the time lag already. Just that I'll be heading back to SG in a few days' time.. Perhaps better not to adjust? Kenshin for me tonight then!

So we woke really late today. But still managed to get to two shops before they closed (actually we left the first one after they closed and the second one was already cleaning up by the time we arrived but they were waiting for someone who called, so..)

Shopping again? Yes but this was planned, ok.. Well, part of.. I had wanted to buy a pair of court shoes and a pair of open-toe sandals for standard and latin ballroom respectively, since SG stores generally do not stock large sizes for my big feet.

Flashback to sec school: remember how we learn the formulae for sin, cos and tan? TOA-CAH-SOH :p

Anyway, I bought a pair of pink Blochs instead, from the first shop for only USD79. Not an intended purchase, I know I know, but it's good for both salsa and Amore hip hop/jazz classes :) The second shop stocked more ballroom shoes but the colours were mostly flesh tones and honestly, those were not the nicest flesh tones I've seen. So I bought a shoe brush and left. Good thing is at least I now know my shoe size (freaking UK 7 for closed toe!) and can order straight from UK website, cheaper actually.

Oh the Blochs made me realise something: that I should return the expensive skirt. The price is one factor. The more important reason is that I now see nothing too special about it; felt happier holding the shoes than the skirt. Not to mention I can fall out of love just as easily, fickle mf :p There, settled.

Going out for dinner soon, think we're having Japanese then Cheesecake Factory for dessert :)


  1. Ohh do you like Japanese food?? i have many Singaporean friends here and they also like japanese food!

  2. Take a pic of urself in that skirt before u return it ;)

  3. So did u hook up with any cute japanese guys :)
    P.S.: my omiyage too?


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