Wednesday, 27 April 2005

Cheered by a cute email

Oh dear, this is too adorable..
Source: Email from SX

So, am I cracked??

Anyway, what kind of animal is that?! Not that I care, it's so cute it doesn't matter if it's carnivorous :)


Actually.. If it's carnivorous, don't let it come near my sweet flesh!

Btw, Ker said I exude bimboism.. Well, can't deny that, but one day I WILL defend the 20% of me that's so totally like the rest of you :) I will, you just wait..


  1. Going into mean mode!

    Darling, you are NOWHERE near being a bimbo. First of all, you are not blonde. You do not have a coconut head. You do not obsess about whether your clothes are revealing enough, you do not have a 20" waist and you do not have big enough boobs.

    So there.

    Hahahahaha, Na

  2. Hi! Thats soo sweet....bird?? Im not sure, but anyway sweet thing brings sweet message!!! So nice!! I envy you *^∀^*

  3. Looks like a chick with a bad hair day.

  4. oh... and that 'creature' is from... ahhh i forgot... Novo, Nova... Oh! Suzy's friends!

    It's a little duckie ya. Look at the bill...


  5. Duck!
    Beside's Na's right, u cannot be a bimbo, u are too smart... (although u pretend to be 1 sometimes... MF gate...)

  6. I must defend the 80% of me which is not smart! :p

    Not being a bimbo, just bimboism as a "mentality" rather than physical manifestation?

    The gate, my friend, was a painfully haunting mistake man!


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