Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Randoms - yes I'm very creative with titles

Ok, skirt returned, and the promised picture..
(That's really me, just feeling cranky..)
Source: mf, WonderBranding

Then I roamed VS for 1.5hour, not that it's a big store but I was really indecisive. Bought three triangles, a pair of pyjamas trousers (which I shall wear out) and a wrap thing that I found interesting. Would love to get my hands on a pretty bra but 1) very ex, and 2) I apparently wear a rare size in this shop @#$%^&*!!!

Would much prefer baking brownies now than blogging but there's no butter nor enough vege oil in the kitchen. So I'm slacking here again.. Like this morning when I was woken up by YX's alarm clock (which didn't wake him). I sat at this same spot with my hands in the same position and my eyes looking the same two directions - screen and keyboard.

This morning, YX and Cheryl were saying I should go around school at least. But I have! I've seen the Oval, the Rodin sculptures, Hoover Tower, Memorial Church.. I even alighted at Tresidder to grab a Jamba Juice on my way back from VS.. That, btw, was my only meal of the day, albeit liquid. Haven't been feeling particularly hungry since I arrived here; been eating for the sake of eating.. Bad hur?

Oh, apparently, I look interesting and/or pretty cutting meat. After I changed my Friendster primary photo (yes to the one where I was cutting meat) number of profile views went up like never before and compliments flew into inbox.

Off to Kenshin.. Blog overkill already :p


  1. You look nice in the skirt... V nice actually, y returned it?! Dun regret it later!!!!!
    Besides, it goes well w ur top (makes u look 'bigger'.. u know what I mean)..

    Always, your trusty fashion consultant..

  2. I concur! (on both points!)
    Lovely clothes are really hard to come by these days--besides, you aren't going back to SF anytime soon? That's why we should buy more while on holidays :)


  3. I agree that the skirt is nice, very sweet, too bad you returned it :( You were previously LARGE, but now you're just big. Oh you mean they don't mean that? Then it must be camera trick, or just that the shirt happens to be tight, hiak ;) And you're chio, phew yoh, just look at your face in that photo!


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