Sunday, 24 April 2005


Erm, I was supposed to write review of myself and trip but ended up roaming my lappy instead. Came across a number of (stupid) things:

1) My old personal webpages at geocities - created about four years ago and died 2-3 years later. It has six sections listed on the homepage:
i) Who is Gnoofyem? - an amazingly short intro of myself from birth to JC. Recalling my long posts, I thought the 2-page summary was awesome. What has happened to my summary skills??
ii) Music Haven - for my fave songs and their relevance to each phase of my life.
童年 - “记忆已模糊,只能凭这仅存的照片里找回些许当年的经过。”
少年 - “懵懂的岁月,有辛酸的,有快乐的,有悲伤的,也有甜蜜的。每一种感觉都有它保留的价值,因为没有它们,就没有今天的我…”
成年后 - “过去的20年,是否已肯定了将来要走的路?也许,现在才是生命的开始…”
iii) Events - empty page, think it was supposed to be like a blog.. Btw, I have no idea what a blog was back then!
iv) Gnoofyem Goes Places - largest section, dedicated to my travels
v) Maths & Stats - recreational la.. The Golden Ratio is the one and only feature.
vi) Links - my IE homepage on lappy, portal to various websites

Maybe I'll relaunch this thing one day with just (ii) and (v). One day..

2) Another personal webpage but anonymous. It's actually more like a blog but MANUAL! Well, told you I didn't know what a blog was.. Two pathetic paras centred on grumbles. Not pretty.

3) All the poems from the Dreams of the Red Chamber! I spent about a year and many mealtimes reading the whole novel while in Oxford. Was going to start on another Chinese classic but the language used in that was too horribly difficult so I decided to take it easy on my digestive system and watch VCDs instead.

4) Two Chinese compositions, apparently incomplete. Perhaps I should finish the job soon though the origin of one of them eludes me..

5) My recipes! Including the brownie recipe that makes brownies like Betty Crocker, the Portuguese egg tarts, and the super rich French choc cake!

Before I forget, Sito wanted to see his name here so, events from dessert (I had one bite of apple pie) last night..

mf: My eyes look so small in many photos and Mother jokingly suggested I "cut" them to make them bigger..
Sito: You don't need to make your eyes bigger; make them bigger! *Points to chest (mine)*
mf: .. What's wrong with these?!

There, Sito, happy? :p

All the best to CW who is starting work tomorrow!


  1. You forgot about the deflating part....

  2. Took the funny test and realised am attention seeking. Now we know why I need to be featured more often! :)


  3. Sito...

    *shake head*

    I better go search for my Maximizer bra b4 u c me again.


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