Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Last day in Stanford

We packed two suitcases last night, one for each of Erwin and me to bring back for YX. Then he started to clear out some stuff to dump. When he realised he had that much expired medicine, a bout of hysteric laughter ensued.. Honestly, I've never seen him laugh until like that! I thought he went bonkers :p

Slept at 3am after a few episodes of Kenshin and woke at 11am this morning to carry on watching.

mf is hooked!

Tore myself away to get some shortening from Cheryl so brownie is happily crisping in the oven now :) But the poor girl looked quite ill; will have to freeze a brownie for her to eat when she gets better, though she was munching on cookies - and feeding me a host of other tidbits - when I was there! Gaaar..

She was again saying I really should go walk around in such weather. So when I went out to meet YX for lunch, I made an effort to take in my surroundings..

It's really sunny and warm. Everything looks pretty, relaxed and peaceful. Cyclists on the streets reminded me of Oxford in good weather, a rarity really. But I realised that reality beckons 10,000 miles away..

One crepe later, it was off to the bookstore cafe. I grabbed a book on Michelangelo and sat there with my ice mocha while YX worked with his Apple. Quite surprised that the book totally gripped me; I'm not one to revel in non-fiction. But I guess it's a story too, of the period in his life when he was painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. I bought it :)

Source: mf

Suddenly felt this sadness on the way back, the kind you feel when you're about to leave a nice place - 离愁.. So I slowed down and let my eyes wander around me. Very nice feeling but nothing much to see. So I took random shots of my happy relaxed self.

Check out the blue of the sky, lovely..
Source: mf

Really wonder when I can possibly do this again, sighs..


  1. try to catch the kenshin oavs too. they end the story, tho on a bittersweet note...


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