Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Latest too-much-time-on-hand thing mf did..

Erm, I have obsessively captioned all my trip photos in my photo archive on Yahoo.. So if anyone's interested, link's on the left..

Oh, Kel, I took this shot ESPECIALLY FOR YOU cos I was imagining you rolling down :p Sorry but your JC figure is still imprinted deep in my head!

Source: mf

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  1. Luckily I read your blog which I haven't done for some days, so I can hit back ;) Didn't we meet along the incline the other time as I was defying gravity and was gravitating upwards while you were ON YOUR WAY down? Another Physics law, conservation of mass, after I lost weight, someone has to gain it, right? I suspect that Nature transferred it to you in UK, hiak :) Now that we are all quite ok, then the one at the kebab van will have to +m!


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