Monday, 18 April 2005

I've got blood on my hands..

Back for the day! Morning we went out to fetch YX's friend Erwin from airport; he's here for some conference in San Jose. We drove straight to Taqueria Cancun in SF city for lunch, satisfying mexican food :) Then we started our adventure from Bay Bridge, after which we made a quick stop at Fisherman's Wharf - I was there on Thurs but Sun was horribly crowded! - before turning to Golden Gate Bridge.

This was taken at Crissy Field, a fantastic vista point for the bridge. Very nice right? (Bridge, mf with messy hair.. Oops, and YX of course..)
Source: mf

The next stop was supposed to the the Palace of Fine Arts but we made a wrong turn onto the highway leading to the Golden Gate Bridge, thanks to an indecisive VCom that was me =o After exiting the freeway, I thought we should head back instead, since YX was having three consecutive meetings this evening. So we drove back via another vista point where the pretty SF reservoir was visible. I've only been to MacRitchie in SG, which was, um, "incomparable".
More photos in my photo archive..

Now that I'm comfortably seated, let's recall happy and yes, bloody, events of yesterday, after I dumped my clothes in the dryer.

We drove out to Gombei for a yummy Japanese dinner. I know I've just been to Japan, but hey, I can never get enough of 日本料理 :) What followed was a heavenly treat..

White chocolate chunk macadamia nut cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory!!!

Source: mf

The smooth cheesecake and the generous filling of macadamia combined with the thickest whipped cream ever, made for a dessert worth killing for. And check out the Orea crust too.. But damn sinful.. Am already regretting my added blubber.. I must keep the following in mind: a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips! And tummy too..

We drove from University Avenue to Santana Row at San Jose. It was a rather upclass area with mansionettes above boutiques and restaurants. There was a pavilion with a huge chess set surrounded by a number of normal chess tables. Some people were just standing/seated there, enjoying a night of chess. But we passed them by and headed for a pub. Then, guess what, I didn't have a photo ID to prove I'm over 21 and I was refused entry!


Decided to head back to get my passport and find a pub nearby instead. So we did. And we sat at an Irish pub on Castro St (I think). Oh, this bouncer didn't bother with ID, gaaar!

It was 130am or about when we left the place. YX decided we should drive up Skyline Boulevard again. Uh oh.. My first day here, we bought a pint of icecream and drove up that road to a vista point. I got carsick for it was one super winding mountain road ~.~


But this time, his turns were slower and smoother. Ok..

And what a view up there! Alright, so most photos turn out to be like below but to the non-digital eye, it was simply marvellous.. It was just a pity the clouds hid the stars.
Source: mf

We were lucky cos this lasted for maybe two minutes. It was cold and as we went back to the car to have a comfortable yet warm view, a fog swept in and suddenly, the whole expanse of city lights went out! So we talked. Another conversation to collate into another entry at the end of this trip..

Engine came to life once more when bladders demanded so; didn't wish to entertain thoughts of fog condensation on butt :p We went down the other way to take the freeway back instead of the winding road. But this other way was rather winding at the beginning too. Combined with the fog and water condensation, we should really be going slow but it was 430am and there was no other car, so..

The accident happened very fast. A cute furry thing was scurrying across the road. We jammed on the brakes but it was too late.. Poor skunk.. =( A little while later, we passed by some deer. I thought they were looking at us reprovingly.. =( We had repented by then and slowed down. But the smell of roadkill stayed in my nostrils for a long time..

Resolution: I will not drive where animals like to cross the road.


  1. aiyohz chey you were only the accomplice, so the blood is only on the hand of your neighbour, the one who drove carelessly. besides, some pp might think that getting rid of a skunk on earth aint no big loss. trust me, it's only cute when it's not angree with u. imagine if you only ran over his leg and you walked over to show concern... agitating it... wont be a pretty.. erm aroma... hahahaa...

  2. Hello again. Many friends here also like Japanese food...but some ppl cant eat さしみ...actually I cant eat 納豆! My English teacher was surprised to know it and said"You should eat 納豆! its healthy and tasty!" Hes not it was funny that Japanese gal was recommended to eat Japanese food by foreign teacher..

  3. Woooow the cheesecake seems sooooo yummy!!!!! Actually I have never eaten 納豆! Once my sister are it and said tated bad, Im a Natto-phobia!! haha...


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