Friday, 27 May 2011

The best part about work

The other day, I was musing to Sito that I missed working in the city - you know, the feeling of dressing up, carrying my work bag, grabbing coffee and some breakfast before reaching office, lunching with the crowds, and finally knocking off and catching the train at evening peak hour.

Perhaps I miss being a single OL? But that feeling is probably due to watching too many dramas *.* Working life before and after marriage was the same for me - too tired to dress up except when I had presentations, breakfast at home, coffee as an afternoon boost, and knock-up time tended to be way past evening peak hour!

Perhaps I miss this fluffy thing called job satisfaction? I can't say I didn't have job satisfaction. I had that. For a while. And recently when I was writing about cost of living in Singapore and about Singapore etc, I felt so tired cos it was almost like work, but I felt something like euphoria when I was done. Crazy hur?

I figure that what I like is the lifestyle that a perfect job (read: no OT, sufficient pay) gives - you know, dressing up and expensive coffee. Makes me feel more "hip" and less frumpy. When we met our friends last Friday, we saw some people in fancy clothes walk by and I made a bimbotic comment that I missed dressing up. The reply was that I was already overdressed that day, "for a suburban housewife", which was rather shocking as I didn't even have make-up on!

I resolve not to be frumpy *look at present self* from tomorrow! O_O

But because such a job didn't and doesn't exist, for me at least, I can only miss my financial independence. My work might not have motivated much dressing up but it certainly bought me some nice clothes for other occasions! And expensive coffee.

In the days of no income ahead of us, we can only be more prudent and I should really brainstorm for ways to attain financial independence again.. Ah! Miss it..

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