Thursday, 15 December 2011

Good day!

I haven’t felt this good for more than a week! And it’s so good that we went out for lunch :)

Sito had a sesame chicken (ABC Chinese food!) lunch special while I had 炸酱面 with what looked like fettucini but wasn’t. His came with 酸辣汤 and I had most of it – yum! We both couldn’t finish so guess what’s for dinner tonight? :)

Just last night I was daydreaming about going to Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao in Holland Village. Seriously, I can’t wait to go back to Singapore!

And yesterday evening, all I could think of was glutinous rice. You know the type sold at hawker centres? White sticky rice with steamed peanuts, mushroom bits, fried shallots, and sometimes Chinese sausage bits. I spent a long time ogling at pictures and googling for recipes, and then just now at Whole Foods, I found no glutinous rice, sighs...

But we got another cantaloupe! I just cut one up earlier this week – my very first whole cantaloupe! Like so sua ku :p – and it was so juicy and sweet! I have four pieces of that left in the fridge. Will have them after posting this. Ok, they’re gone! I hope this second one is as sweet and juicy, if not more so! *greedy*

On another note, I’m quite behind in my blogging. Too many unfinished drafts. Maybe later... In the meantime, check out the super long page on Oxford – did that up a couple of weeks ago but I totally forgot to mention it!

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