Saturday, 17 December 2011

I don't stress over gifts

I'm feeling slightly guilty about lying in bed on a beautiful Saturday afternoon when I'm feeling well and alive. So I decided to move away from googling Sg food to reading WSJ. And an article caught my attention - Is it irrational to give holiday gifts?

Think I wrote about giving gifts before. Anyway with Christmas coming up soon, I'm seeing a lot of sales in town and online, people carrying bags of presents, and hearing of people getting stressed over holiday gifting.

This last part, I really don't understand. Stressed over buying presents? Should giving be a joy?? This really defies the purpose of gifting. I never know what to buy so I shan't even begin to think about buying presents! Naturally I don't expect presents too.

But I must say sometimes I feel guilty for not bothering with presents. Or even cards. Like today we got a really lovely card from our friends and neighbours. It's so sweet of them! I sent them a note on Facebook to thank them and set up a date for tea.

Another thing in the mail was a parcel containing my double order of Sophie the Giraffe! (And a computer game for Sito..) I really like this baby toy and apparently babies like it too so I got them for two friends who will probably have their baby showers soon. I had earlier bought two for two other friends. I guess this is partly practical and partly paternalistic gifting? It's quite expensive in Sg so I think I'll buy more to bring back to Sg for friends who give birth in the next two years hoho! Oh, and standby one for ourselves!

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