Monday, 12 September 2011


Sito came home at almost 1 am on Sunday. So nice to have my husband back! :) And it's not just cos he brought me presents!

A green angel keychain and a long pinkish chain that can be used as a necklace or bracelet - I used it as a bracelet on Sunday! And the little brown basket with purple threads too - a big knickknack to contain my small knickknacks :) Oh, there's another chain not in the picture - it was a sample that got left in his bag accidentally. He's trying to contact the person to arrange for payment now.

Sito was in Nicaragua for two weeks to work on a pro bono project for Fabretto, and these were made by impoverished Nicaraguan youths. Most of the cards have a handwritten name behind. The pink chain was made by a Roberto Meza.

Now, I'm not the present kind of person. I don't buy souvenirs when I travel. I find Christmas gift exchange a chore. I don't buy birthday gifts unless I happen to see something suitable. And if it's suitable, it doesn't have to wait until your birthday! But I'm not very observant haha! On the other hand, sometimes, I do just feel like getting a little something for someone - it could just be a cookie!

I don't expect presents too, not even on my birthday, unless the present is good makan company :) But I can appreciate the thought behind a gift. And Sito knows of course. When he told me over the phone that he got me presents, I felt both excited and strange.

Excited, not because of any anticipation for some exotic Nicaraguan gifts but because my husband got me something when I didn't expect anything! And half of the purchase price of these presents goes to the kid who made them, so they make me and another person happy :)

Strange, because all our money comes out of the same account - it's like paying for half my presents :p I know, it's not just the money but the actual act of thinking about the other person and choosing something suitable. So for these two years, we can just ignore the technicality and be happy :)

I love my basket of presents. I love even more that Sito knows what I like! :)

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