Friday, 2 September 2011

Home alone on a rainy Saturday afternoon

Omg, I just watched this 1993 HK movie "夏日情未了" - it's so 90s! Aaron Kwok's hair was a key feature, waist-high jeans were everywhere, and at the end, even waist-high panties made an appearance on Rosamund Kwan in a most wonderfully hilarious sex scene accompanied by the entire tune of "Only You"!

Aaron looked like a little boy then, very cute, also very macho *drool* It's ok, Sito knows I like Aaron - although I must qualify that I much prefer the older version :p

And Rosamund Kwan was so young then. I think she isn't very very pretty but she carries herself very well.

And the whole idea of a "romantic candle light dinner" was so funny. They were just sitting there, eating and looking at each other *.*

A pleasant surprise was hearing "让我欢喜让我忧" in the middle of the movie. I like that song.

Ah well, just completely random..

It was sunny this morning and I was sad that I couldn't go out. No hot water this weekend due to maintenance so I can only shower but not wash my hair.

And suddenly it's raining. I guess yesterday was the last true summer day, sighs!

Anyway, it's Saturday, but it doesn't feel like a Saturday. Or rather, I think every day feels the same these days hoho! Without Sito here now, I can't tell one day from another. Sometimes it's good to have a timetable :)

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