Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hokkien mee....wannabe!

Remember my 排骨虾面? Well, I froze a tub of soup to make Hokkien mee today! In fact, most of the ingredients today came out of the freezer - frozen yellow noodles and frozen pork ribs from last time and frozen prawns from a more recent trip to H-Mart. And my freezer still remains quite full :p

I roughly followed the recipe from Uncle Phil. Roughly cos I couldn't find thick bee hoon, I didn't add squid and bean sprouts, and I used pork ribs instead of belly pork and Shanghai greens instead of chives.

So here's the result:

Looks not bad right? But it tasted more like chicken mee than prawn mee! *.*

On retrospect, I should have boiled the ribs separately instead of in the little bit of prawn stock.. I didn't have enough stock in the end and had to use chicken stock and a lot of water :( And the ribs were not boiled long enough so they weren't tender like the last time :(

Well, at least it wasn't bland! We even had sambal chilli with lemon juice! (Cos I don't have calamansi - different but same same??)

I cooked a lot as I had to use up all the thawed noodles *.* so we had leftovers - just noodles, no more vege or prawn or pork - for another day! Maybe I'll add chicken bits instead of prawns..?

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