Thursday, 22 September 2011

Then library, now...

During my backpacking days some 10 years ago, I would highlight public libraries alongside key attractions. Why? For free internet access!

I still vividly remember feeling all anxious when I saw emails from the other seven mathematicians in my college saying that mods (name of our first-year exams) results were out on the board. I couldn't wait to see with my own eyes!

Now, who cares about looking for public libraries when you can use a smart phone? Don't care for high 3G bills especially if you're roaming? Look for free wifi - many hotels and cafes have free wifi these days. Or just head to the nearest Apple store where you can "upgrade" from squinting at a smart phone* to surfing on a 27" iMac :p

Of course, Sito would point out the part with the asterisk to me, and begin his usual sell, "But if we have an iPad..." and flash me his winning smile :)

So we're just waiting for the gift card from recycling our old Mac before buying the much coveted tablet. Useful for him - it's a new toy and it replaces his personal laptop whenever he's got to go out of town for work next time. Useful for me - I can watch dramas on a bigger screen while on the treadmill! :p

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