Thursday, 15 September 2011

Emoticons galore!

I think I'm a very smiley person.

Had an idea to count the number of posts with smileys:
543 with :) - woohoo!
36 with =)

And :p comes close at 536! *applause*

That's way more than the number of posts with un-smileys:
159 with =(
53 with :(

Seems that I use :) more often than =) to express smiley mf, and =( more often than :( to express un-smiley mf..

And then there are other emoticons..

More duh looks than un-smileys:
223 with *.* - *.*

Another duh look, I suppose.. Not sure what else it is:
27 with o_O or O_O - don't think I've used O_o, looks weird haha!

And another funny look:
18 with ~.~

I suppose I can replicate all these expressions on my pretty face!

PS1: You realise that the posts overlap right? Like this post has everything!

PS2: Add one to the numbers above with this new post! :)

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