Monday, 26 September 2011

Random couply things

Just some random stuff that happened these two or three days..

Went to ka jiao him at his desk, standing next to his chair and just hugging his head against my chest. He then put his head under my shirt and stayed there for a while.

mf: Hmmm, I cannot suffocate you with my boobs *.*

Then he came out panting.

Sito: Your stomach is suffocating me..


This follows from above.. So he pressed my tummy with a finger. The finger sank in. Then I flexed and told him to press again. Still soft :(

My turn. I pressed his tummy with a finger, and it sank in a lot!! Then he flexed and I pressed again, and woah, that was something! :p

I went with him to the gym after that, my first time in more than a month - he to up his oomph factor and me to get rid of the soft layer!

We were quietly having our dinner and watching news clips on CNA when we heard this guy pronounce "feels" as "fuse". We turned to each other and went "fuse".

So mean!! :p

Chocolate with 85% or more cacao is supposed to be a good brain food. So I bought some 85% cacao Godiva and fed him one square after dinner.

Sito: I feel smart already!

And he went to shit.

Sito: *whispering* bah kwa...
mf: No.

Three seconds later..

Sito: *whispering* bah kwa...
mf: ... Ok la... (psst: I'm so nice right?!)
Sito: *light-bulb-moment look* Bah kwa has fewer calories than instant noodles!
mf: *glare*

As I turned to the fridge, I suddenly remembered that I hadn't fed him dark chocolate yet! So I fed him that instead of bah kwa :p

Five minutes later...

Sito: *whispering* bah kwa...
mf: Wa liao...

Now he has his bah kwa and is quiet.

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