Sunday, 18 September 2011

What did we do with leisure time before Facebook??

That's a serious question.

Since my mid to late teens, I haven't been big on TV. I guess I read a lot. Got my first library card when I was seven or eight and I kept going to the library.

I think that was all I did in my leisure time before Facebook!!

Oh, wait. I have been blogging since end of 2004 too. And of course I went out with friends etc.

Now, how about a more specific question: what did we do with leisure time on the internet before Facebook?

Let's go back to the beginning...

When I first had regular access to the internet, it was in Oxford. And I was a full-time student who spent a lot of time on ICQ *.* and downloading songs *.* and watching Japanese drama *.*

But I was also using the internet to study! Ah ha! It wasn't all play :)

Back in Singapore, before mid 2007, I used the internet for mostly blogging and researching for holidays as I had no regular access apart from lunch hour at work. When I finally had internet at home, Sito and I used Skype a lot. And we would play Scrabble or something on Facebook together. But no, we weren't on Facebook all the time.

Then I had my iPhone. Suddenly, updating profile status becomes very easy.

And then we came to Kellogg. For me, work in the form of ex-employment, studies and household stuff isn't heavy. And Bejeweled is addictive. So addictive I killed Sito's mouse while he was in Nicaragua! And now I'm on Sims Social ALL.THE.TIME.

I'm so ashamed :( Sims Social (and other things) makes me less sociable :(

I should go back to a more disciplined life. Read. Blog. Research. I shouldn't spend so much time on Facebook. And this, is my start-of-school resolution.

Play Sims Social just once a day? *sheepish*

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  1. Play Sims Social once every 75 mins! (That's how long it takes to recharge 15 energy) =p



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