Tuesday, 6 September 2011

10 things I love/hate about you

Suddenly thought of this movie "10 things I hate about you" that I watched with my OBS watch back in 1999. Um, I thought it pretty lame back then even though I was probably its target audience...

At first, I wondered if I could list 10 loves and 10 hates about Sito. Then I wondered, what if I had more hates than loves?! And then I thought, now that would be love, right? Haha!

So I started listing - not sharing! :) - and I have eight loves and five hates!! :)

I'm still not fully well from a cold I suffered right after we came back from San Francisco. Opened the window to air the apartment and ended up feeling cold - yes, summer is over!! :(

Anyway, so I moved to Sito's desk to stay out of the wind. Now I'm looking at the two photos of us on the wall next to the desk - one was taken before Christmas in 2007, with me in my mini mini skirt and Sito in his now-torn green polo tee which we liked very much, and the other was a wedding shot. I think I much prefer the Christmas shot where Sito had this really serene look, and holding my hand instead of my bouquet ha!

I had such a vivid dream yesterday morning. I felt very awake and turned to my left to laze a bit more. Then I felt Sito creeping into bed to sleep and his warm hand brushed against mine. When I suddenly opened my eyes, of course he wasn't there. Seemed like I had gone back to sleep right after turning on my side *.* But the dream was SO real! Miss his warmth..

Can't wait for Saturday when he'll be home :)

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