Sunday, 25 September 2011

A time to remember

I just came back from a baby shower (my first!) and from visiting a new mum and her newborn downstairs, and I was thinking about babies when I suddenly realised that tomorrow would be 26 Sep 2011, the estimated due date of our Angel Baby.

How time has flown. Half a year went by just like that, and I had achieved nothing at all.

The other day, when I was at the Museum of Contemporary Art with WSY, I found a naked baby doll with wings at the museum store and almost bought it until I saw that it was a boy ^.^ Well, we don't know whether our Angel Baby is a boy or girl, although I think it's a boy - based on the mum's gut feel and from some website that churns out the gender based on some info, so far twice accurate for two JVs here!

Anyway, I thought it might be nice to get something concrete to represent Angel Baby. But nothing suitable seems to come by. I guess for me who throws out stuff every few years, perhaps a spot in the heart is the most suitable of all.

This year has seen us through extreme joy, extreme anxiety and extreme sadness. Not sure what I'm feeling right now, a bit down, but overall, zen...

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