Tuesday, 30 August 2011

An artsy and nerdy day

Went on a little excursion to the Museum of Contemporary Art with WSY. Free admission for Illinois residents on Tuesdays! All we did was to state our zip code.

It was our first time at this museum, and we went there early enough to have lunch at the restaurant inside before taking a free guided tour. Before this, the two of us had only been out on group events so it was really nice to be able to have a good chat over lunch :)

The current exhibition features works by Mark Bradford, an artist from LA. His work reflect a lot of his background and significant events around him.

I'm not the artsy sort, and know nothing about contemporary art. Fine, I know nothing about art! So it was a good thing we had the guided tour, else we wouldn't have understood or appreciated anything O_O

Oh, also took the intercampus shuttle bus for the first time! I had wanted to take that to go downtown for a while but never did. I used my spouse ID card which is actually not valid on this bus unless the bus is not crowded (and the driver is nice). So I was lucky! WSY used her husband's card and the driver didn't even check the photo! Think I'll do that next time..

So, I'm not artsy, but I'm definitely nerdy - I thought of the Pythagoras' Theorem while in the shower just now and I wanted to prove it!

First, I realised I couldn't spell "Pythagoras" so I googled :p I resisted looking at the proof...

Then, as I got my pen and paper ready, I couldn't get started so to give myself a little hint, I took a little peek...

"...similar triangles..."

Ah ha!

But I confused myself by cutting up my triangle in a complicated way. I took a second peek for a second hint *.*

Then I proved it!

Happy :)

But sighs.. Had to peek! :( Twice!! :((

Anyway, must share happiness - got to talk to Sito for some five minutes this evening - he called! :)

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