Thursday, 4 August 2011

Time? I've got plenty!

"But who cares? No big deal. I want mooooore!" (Tribute to the Little Mermaid :p)

Well, I have been doing almost nothing for weeks now...

Is this a payout for the past years of hard work? Or is this an extravagant waste of time that will see me pay back in time to come?

Anyway, as can be seen from my to-do list on the right, there are plenty to do.. But I just haven't got down to doing enough of them.

Yesterday, I finished transferring my handwritten notes on class handouts to softcopy so that I could dump the hardcopy. By dumping, I do mean recycling. But I'm still taking classes so there's more of such things to come when I get my hands on the softcopy...

Since Monday, I started going to the gym every day. It is a good development for health, fitness and entertainment - I have downloaded an app that allows me to watch drama on the treadmill! That's my whole motivation actually *.* The treadmill is just too boring otherwise!

And of course, there's the dreaded task of archiving my work. I have been procrastinating a lot on that. I did quite a bit earlier this week though. I should probably get to it again after this.

Oh, Sito is in Florida now. He just sent me a text from his hotel. I'm so envious! But this particular event for interns does not involve the spouse.. Anyway, so after seeing him off this morning, I went back to bed and snoozed until noon.. I haven't woken at noon for a very very long time! (As in, I usually wake much earlier than noon, not later!!)

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