Sunday, 14 August 2011

OUR dumplings :)

Decided to make dumplings today! :)

The ingredients laid out in front of my laptop for this photo op :p

I couldn't find minced pork! That was a meatloaf mix of beef and pork. Chopping the prawns was difficult - later when we were eating, I saw that part of a nail might have gone into the prawns *.*

The green pile was spring onions and chives. The yellow stuff in the bowl was minced ginger. I added soy sauce, salt and sesame oil to the ginger before pouring the mixture over the minced meat.

After mixing everything, I beat the egg and added more soy sauce and salt and oil again :p The egg made the filling gooey, like this - and the prawns were still visible!

So Sito and I sat down to wrap the dumplings. I arranged my dumplings prettily :)

Sito arranged his dumplings neatly in three rows. He also decided to have fun with different ways of wrapping the dumplings. So there was a ingot - see it? - and a 小龙包-wannabe - at the right side.

We cooked 20 and froze the remaining 30 (and a bit of filling). Added some seasoning to a little of the water used to boil the dumplings, and we had soup dumplings! :)

That was our dinner. I suspect we'll both get hungry later tonight :p

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