Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Happy National Day!

I know, it's almost the end of the day in Singapore, but my 9 August is barely starting! :)

This is the third time I'm spending National Day outside Singapore. The first was in 2003 when I was still working on my MSc; the second was last year when we went to Malaysia - of all places hoho! - to say bye bye to relatives and settle some admin on Sito's side before we came here.

I finally crawled out of bed at 7.45 am in my pink pyjamas - pink, i.e. a mix of red and white! But I think the NDP has ended by then. So many people were updating on Facebook!

Also missed reciting the pledge together with KLK and the rest of Singapore... But turned out that I didn't miss pizza - they couldn't get through to any pizzeria! So they gave up angmoh pancakes for Indian pancakes :p

I shall have a prata too :)

Update: Some minutes later...

My poor frozen prata suffered verbal abuse on Facebook. Kok even tagged me in a picture of him and a giant prata.. Apparently, my prata lost in the looks department, specifically size *.*

Update: At night

Just finished watching NDP webcast replay! And I saw prata men swinging pratas!! How's this for size?!

And Sito and I just burst into "Stand Up for Singapore"! A few songs are roaming in my head now - "Munnaeru vaalibaa munaeri endrum thoduvaan noakkuvaai", "There are five stars arising out of the stormy sea", "One people, one nation, one Singapore"... Just random, but nice :)

Took this during a short break in class this afternoon - mf wearing red and white!

I'm so glad I'm Singaporean :)

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