Saturday, 6 August 2011


Yes, I made prawn mee with pork ribs using a recipe from My Wok Life!

Was supposed to make char kway teow (using premix) but changed our dinner plans when I saw the prawns in H-Mart yesterday :)

I started with scalding the pork ribs which were then set aside:

Next, I shelled and de-veined the prawns! I thought they looked happy :)

Trivial: This was only the second time I handled raw prawns; the first time was in home economics class in sec 1! But that time, the prawns must have come shelled because I don't remember having orange fingers then!

I stir-fried the heads and the shells until they turned a beautiful orange:

A lot more heads and shells than prawns? Well, I froze half the prawns for another culinary adventure later.. Stay tuned...

Added ikan bilis and garlic and fried for a while more before adding everything else. See the ribs floating about? Looking almost like the real thing hur?

While the soup simmered, I had to attend to poor Sito who came home from Florida with the most horrible sun burn! The poor guy didn't apply sunblock properly; he was burnt in odd spots and the worst burns were on his right side *.* Applied some aloe vera and moisturiser on him.. (And just before this, I rolled a cold can of Red Bull on his burnt skin...)

For my effort, I was given a treat - Garrett popcorn! We saw that when we were at Navy Pier last Friday and Sito realised that I didn't know what that was. Today, Sito got me the Cashew CaramelCrisp. I love cashews! Thanks, Dear :)

Anyway, the soup was simmering... I know Sito likes fried shallots, which will go well with prawn mee. Well, I didn't have shallots but I had a lot of chopped onions in the fridge! Used the microwave instead of frying. The result was up to Sito's standard but the microwave stopped working for a while after that!! Fine, our microwave is pretty cheapo... I shall just buy fried shallots from an Asian grocery store next time..

And finally, at dinner time, I blanched the noodles, vege, fishcake and prawns, and we have 排骨虾面!

The soup had all the right tastes and flavours but it wasn't robust enough. I think I might have added too much water. Or, I should have borrowed a slow cooker. Or, blame the angmoh prawns! :p

The lomein noodles were rather tasteless unlike the yellow noodles in Singapore but the texture was there. I overcooked the prawns a little :p And I didn't have kang kong... The pork ribs, however, turned out amazing!

Overall, Sito said "passed"! :)

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  1. wah, the noodles look good! But forget a slow cooker. I find it doesn't really bring out the flavour in soups. Just need to boil longer over the stove...


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