Saturday, 6 August 2011

Managing our little household

That day before he left, Sito sent me the pdf of his boarding pass with no further text in the email. So I asked him if he wanted me to print for him, but no, he had already printed it and he just sent it to me for my reference.

Since I'm the Secretary of Home Affairs, I dictate that we will go by this system in future:

Fyi - for reference, like the boarding pass, no action required
PP - please print, self-explanatory
F/U - for follow-up, like checking out a bah kwa recipe, deciding whether to go for an event

You hear, my dear? :)

And as I'm also the CFO, I'm in charge of our finances and lately, I'm troubled whenever I go to We changed a lot of SGD to USD last year, when it was US$1 to about S$1.35. Now, it's US$1 to S$1.2 - we have "lost" more than US$20,000 *cry*

But I have come up with a devious idea - friends who want to buy things that are way cheaper here than in Singapore, do you mind transferring USD over or paying me at the old exchange rate? :D

I'm also troubled over our insurance. He has no choice but to pay for insurance, which he doesn't use at all *touch wood* I need to search for a cheap insurance for me, really really cheap because I'm not going to use it. I told my doc, and she said, oh, good luck with that *.* This country's system is quite screwed up...

Anyway, that's the white collar aspect of my job. The blue collar part is less glam...

I went to the gym every day for the past five days - proud of myself! - and while waiting for me to stop sweating after each session before I hit the shower, I cleaned here and there...

Lately, I inherited an old drying rack that had seen at least two earlier households. So I've started hand-washing stuff. Yesterday, I washed Sito's pyjamas so that he would have something to wear after showering when he comes back this afternoon; he tends to run out of pyjamas as he uses them as home clothes too. This morning, I took a toothbrush to his shirt collars to try to remove collar stains with dishwashing liquid. I'm soaking three shirts now.. When he's back, everything will go into the machine.

A few days ago when I asked maintenance to help with our old stove, I even found out that I could lift the top off. So I cleaned the stove more thoroughly. Greasy. Yucks. But now it's very clean. Now I can cook a big meal for dinner today! Hope to post pictures later..

I'm actually quite happy to be doing all these. To know that Sito and I will be comfortable in a clean, cosy environment, that's bliss :)

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