Monday, 29 August 2011

Tap Tap Revenge, anyone?

Sito hopped into bed one night to find me just done with my iPhone - I have developed a habit of checking emails or reading stuff on Pinky II before I turn off the light.

And so he took over, scrolled through and re-discovered Tap Tap Revenge. The next thing we knew, he was playing with one of the default tunes.

mf: Eh, this reminds me of last year - we were playing this in bed too!
Sito: I was thinking the same!

(And he missed a bar :p)

That must have been early 2010 when he had an iPod Touch issued from the school he never got posted to as he got accepted into Kellogg. We liked to challenge each other but I almost always lost *.* Even after he returned his machine, he would play on my phone. Once, he was either shaking the thing too violently or holding it too tight, breaking an angel figurine I had hanging from it! *pout* And he even bought the Owl City album as a surprise for me as I liked Fireflies! :)

Ahhhh, nice feeling :)

Sito is now in Nicaragua for a pro-bono consulting project. He left early Sunday morning and will be back next Saturday - I'm home alone again! No Skype this time as I can't use Skype on this backup laptop. Be getting a new Mac when he returns! Then I'll have pictures from our California trip and more..

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