Saturday, 6 August 2011

mf imagines..

I first read Dilbert some 10 years ago as a student. These days, I read Dilbert when people post on Facebook, when professors flash some strips to make their point. It still entertains and educates me, perhaps more so than before since I've had some experience in the working world.

Today, I came across Scott Adams again, in his article, "The Heady Thrill of Having Nothing to Do" on how the eradication of boredom (largely by modern devices) is stifling creativity. Some element of truth there but....

I'm rather taken with this line in the middle of the article than the article itself: Imagination has a way of breeding disappointment.

Growing up with not much in material and familial satisfaction, I imagined having much more. I imagined what I would do if I had this or that. I imagined how happy we would be if we were one happy family. Being a avid reader, I even imagined how cool it would be if I were Nancy Drew or a princess in one of those fairy tales hoho!! Of course, the last bit was just a fantasy and I knew it. But I knew that the imagined parts could possibly come true, only that they never did.

On the other hand, in my adult years, I didn't have much time to be bored except when in transit. I imagined a whole host of other things which did me good. Imagining fitting into my skinny jeans made me go to the gym. Imagining positive work outcomes and being recognised made me work really hard. No disappointment here (even though the jeans were still a stretch).

Now that I have so much time on my hand, it isn't quite possible to occupy myself 100% of the time. And recently, there is just one thing on my mind and I tend to let my imagination run wild on that. Sometimes it makes me happy but most of the time, it makes me anxious and stressed. Perhaps being occupied all the time with no room for boredom isn't a bad thing for me now!

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