Monday, 1 August 2011

Our moments

Most of the time, we're seated separately at our respective desks and reading or doing random things online. Every so often, we will call out to each other about something we see or something totally random. Just last week, we had a couple of hilarious exchanges.

But the thing is, I only remember that we had these funny moments; I don't remember what they were exactly. Still, it brings on a smile whenever I think about these (very non-specific) moments :)

And I was going through my iPhone notes and saw that Sito gave me a 家用 of $50 on 9 Mar 2010 :) I think I simply ran out of cash that day, and Sito, ever paranoid of being stuck somewhere with no cash, passed me the money. My first 家用! :)

Also my only 家用 so far *.*

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