Sunday, 31 July 2011


So I spent some time playing with Photoshop yesterday afternoon, resulting in this new look for mf-ism! :) I've also changed the size of the text so that I don't have to enlarge it in every single post - used to do that as the polka dot theme I chose years ago came with very small, un-adjustable fonts, and I didn't want to squint. So all the posts before 1 Jul 2011 now have especially big fonts! :p

While pink works for my wardrobe, it just doesn't work for mf-ism, which is about everything, happy and sad, good and bad. If I write only about cute things, girly stuff, beauty tips, then pink is perfect.

Green, on the other hand, is pretty neutral. It's pleasing to the eye without being too in your face. It can be happy or sad, good or bad. It matches all my moods. That's why I went for a green theme when I left the polka dots behind. But that dusty green isn't really my favourite shade of green hence this most recent change.

I also like yellow. Bright yellow is super chirpy and cheers me up no end. Light yellow is like green - it can be anything.

Oh, I also have a decent collection of greens and yellow in my wardrobe but in Singapore. I miss my clothes!

Somehow, blue is not my colour. I feel strange wearing blue. Blue things neither attract nor repel. But I love blue skies. From the blue of bright clear days to the blue of clear nights.

Red is another favourite colour but it can be too intense sometimes. Unlike green or yellow, there's no light red - that's just pink right?! But National Day is coming soon and I WILL WEAR RED!! :) I like white too and it will be fun to wear red AND white on National Day! Let's see what I can do...

And today, I went for lunch in a light purple top and a low side ponytail with a maroon flower clip. I felt so cheerful, so summery! :) I'll go back to being boring when the cold descends upon us since everything will be hidden underneath a coat and hat *.*

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