Saturday, 16 July 2011

Happy day! Again! :)

Sito is free to spend time with me today :)

I was supposed to wake him at 11 am but a fire alarm woke him at 10.30 am!! So we went out earlier - yay for the 30 extra minutes! (PS: There was no fire found.)

So we went to the bank to apply for a credit card (finally!) and had a lovely lunch at Lulu's - it was pad thai for me (again) and ramen for him, and we shared yummy chicken wings! But I was so full after three wings and an egg from his ramen that I couldn't eat more than a fifth of my pad thai! It's now sitting in the fridge, ready for the microwave on Monday...

Came back to do laundry. I kept forgetting stuff from the bathroom! So while Sito was in there with his new comic book, I had to knock twice to get first the detergent, then the bath mat! I pretended I didn't see (or smell) anything :p Reminded me of that time some years ago when I accidentally barged into the toilet while he was on the throne - in his house! The toilet was next to his room and the doors all looked the same so... *.* Anyways....

After laundry, we headed out for a walk. The walk first brought us to Noyes St where we shared a lovely horchata cupcake :)

We then walked towards the beach. When we hit the lake, we saw colourful rocks! Actually graffiti la :p

And as we walked past the beach, we saw pasar malam!!! Haha! It was actually an ethnic arts festival, complete with stalls, food and concert.

And Sito found the Singapore flag!

After 90 minutes of walking, we could feel our poor old legs complaining all the way home.. No need to go to the gym today, no, not even after our curry chicken noodle dinner!

(Thanks to Prima Taste :p)

Ended our day with drinks with two friends. Despite the dinner, I was kind of gawking at their quesadillas... Made a note to have that next time! Yes, I'm very greedy!

And just remember that Na is getting married! Like, about right now! Congrats, yeah! :)

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