Saturday, 16 July 2011

There goes the magic...

Last night, we watched the last Harry Potter movie. The last! So sad that it's over =(

I really like the magic of Hogwarts.

I got hooked with the first movie back in 2001. Being in Oxford at that time, I felt so close to the magic! Scenes from the movie were not too different from what I saw around me - I didn't even need to walk over to Christ Church; every other college had that old mystic feel!

And, look at the first picture here!

Later, I managed to read all the books before the movies. Generally, I prefer the books with all their details, but the movies can give a nice twist to things. For example, I like the funny stuff they added to this movie, like Prof McGonagall saying gleefully she was wishing she could use the spell to summon the stone figures, and, um, the kiss :p The last part was pretty different but I thought it was ok, made the ending more dramatic for a movie, with Nagini dying just as Harry was duelling with Voldemort. The crowd last night was quite funny too, clapping when Neville killed Nagini!

Anyway, I really enjoy fantasy novels. My first was The Belgariad by David Eddings. Must have started on his books in secondary or JC. But I couldn't get enough of it! Strangely, I've never read LOTR - couldn't get past the first two pages *.* Maybe I'll read that now that I have time. And Wheel of Time - Sito recommends that and since the series is coming to an end, I'll probably start on it. What else to do with a library right next to me? :)

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