Friday, 1 July 2011


Cos it's the end of the work week for Sito! :) But actually he's off today :)

I had my third driving lesson this afternoon. Sito sat in my car for the first time and he felt sleepy - instructor said that was good, yay! So we went onto the highway. It wasn't as scary as I thought. In fact, it was easier cos I didn't have to keep stopping. Just kept my senses alert to the road conditions and the vehicles around me. But I must remember to floor it harder when entering the highway...

And the girls had tea! I was holding a cup of strawberry green tea :)

Source: C

It has been a busy week. And I was so tired that I slept at 10.30 pm last night and didn't wake up early to prepare Sito's breakfast =( But I woke in time to feed him his vitamins, which he would not take otherwise - naughty!

So it all started with me going to the Baha'i temple with M last Friday. I want to go again and explore more stuff as I didn't do much since M had been before and I preferred to be more sociable than to plaster my face to the exhibits.. In the meantime, here's us!

And one of many baby bunnies I saw on the way home :)

J made a comment on Saturday that a bunny on a lawn full of green green grass was like a person in...a bed of chicken wings!! Haha! That was on our way out to the art fair in the heart of Evanston. Saw this really cute picture of a giraffe :)

And the three of us were supposed to take a picture against the band performing on stage but we obliviated the entire stage instead *.*

Had pho with M Monday. So I bought some groceries on the way :) I didn't know what else I did but I just felt very busy! And Tuesday, I saw a doctor for a rash on my eyelids but he had to refer me to a dermatologist. I also attended my first negotiations class on Tuesday! Thankfully, there was another JV there so we could practise together. We were not sure what to do so we sat around and chatted while the students went on to do their negotiations. But we decided we would do the exercises for next week so we asked the prof and she agreed! Now I have to read my stuff...

And Wednesday was shopping day! Went with J and her mum to TJ Maxx in Evanston as I wanted to get some new clothes. But this store was better for home goods than fashion so I ended up with some muffin cups, an apron and a set of bikini! On the bus back home, C asked me to accompany her to Old Orchard Mall so I hurriedly had a peanut butter sandwich before going out again. I didn't get anything but I drooled at all the stuff at the Mac shop, which was the most crowded shop at the mall :p

My new bikini!

Back to my rash. I managed to make an appointment with the dermatologist on Thursday morning. The receptionist was such a cute old lady! I made a follow-up appointment and smiled to say bye, and she went, "Oh, dimples!"


Anyway, got to dump all my eye make-up =(

Had a yummy lunch at Del Seoul - kalbi and shrimp tacos and kimchi fries with S! Pretty interesting and surprisingly filling since the tacos were small.

Went to her place after that to see Baby S - succulent cheeks! *slurp* And after a period of observing this strange auntie, she started to smile and laugh toothlessly! They took a video of her smiling - hope my fat legs were out of the way...

I barely got back in time to change for pilates - the last exercise was so anti-intuitive it took me three tries before I could do something close to what the instructor did. My abs are not hurting though, sighs... I like to feel the soreness :p

Then I had a meeting with JY to discuss the logistics for the BBQ on Monday - it's our Fourth of July & Welcome BBQ! It's jointly hosted by McManus and the JV club so I kind of represent both sides... Things like this make me feel good about being involved in the student community :)

Oh, and I finished my first tour of duty as a summer student director this morning - no major incidents unlike JY who had to deal with raw sewage and a 4am false fire alarm! But I had these two chaps calling me at 3am one night saying they were locked out. I opened the main door for them only to find that they didn't live in McManus! They claimed to be students - I found at least one guy familiar - and were only here to use the lounge. At fucking 3am?! Which part of "If you urgently need assistance, call xxx" did they not understand?!

miso: "urgently"


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