Thursday, 28 July 2011

An unpleasant housework discovery

I was trying to hoover the apartment after dinner and found that I could hardly push the machine across the carpet. It seemed that the carpet was...damp?! Even the kitchen floor felt clammy when I stepped in barefooted!

Utterly horrified, I shut the window and put both aircon (aircons? KIV next post!) to work! Imagine what gross and bad little things could be festering on a damp carpet!!

Now the carpet still feels a little damp in the living room where the window was open, but it's fine in the bedroom already.

So, we humans can take the summer humidity better than the carpet!

Update an hour later

The bedroom smells of Sito cos I didn't have pure alcohol so I sprayed a lot of his perfume on an ink stain on a shirt before washing and drying it in the room! The pleasant part of (unwanted) housework? :)

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