Friday, 22 July 2011

Office, the mf version

Dug up quite a number of photos so...


I took part in MCDS Idol!! (And MCDS became MCYS later that year..) With Joyce Darling who were in the finals with me. We didn't win but it was quite an experience - I sang 张惠妹的《解脱》and went off-key at one point hoho!!

That was part of the corporate retreat so our whole division was there too

Later in the year, Ma'am left the office to become, well, Ma'am. This was taken during her farewell. That period of time was really fun. We used to play scrabbles during lunch!


Division retreat at Ubin - this must be my team? :p


I was seconded from MCYS to NPS from July, but we were still squatting in MCYS! So we joined in at the MCYS Sports Day - a mix of MCYS and NPS people!

My very first cubicle! Which was actually my second as they rearranged the cubicles shortly after I arrived. My very very first seat was near the window, premium leh..

Sat there for almost three years before moving to another cubicle in the SLF building as they were renovating the MCYS building. There, we squatted for some three months before the NPS office was ready..

Me at my new cubicle! I must be looking horrid that day :p


We had our first COS. Our boardroom became our ops room. We ate and worked there from noon to late at night every day during that period. We even celebrated LY's birthday there! The most memorable time was when we marched out together just past midnight of the actual day, happy with our work :)

And we had our first retreat! This was the teambuilding exercise at Sentosa, just nice when we had a crop of new recruits :)

As we planned to grow more than originally expected, we had to rearrange the cubicles a little and shuffled some people around. So I moved away from outside LH's room to a new - but corner, premium! - spot late 2007.. This photo was actually taken in 2009 after I moved away.. But that box was mine, I think *.*

Salsa again at our year-end party.. Yes, that's me! Dancing with a 高手 ok..


The PMO D&D! We gamely showed up in our retro gear for the theme!


I was promoted and redesignated in 2008 but owing to a lack of space, I didn't have a room until July 2009.


More cluttered a year on! I only worked in the room for about a year but it felt like forever *.*


Now I don't have a cube or a room. I have upgraded - my work space is the entire apartment :) While I stay at the dining table for written work like school and blog etc, it's everywhere for houseWORK! *.*

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